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Sell Gold Today! Selling gold has become an increasingly popular way to make quick money due to its high historical prices.

Whether you have old, broken jewellery lying around or gold coins passed down from generation, exchanging your gold for instant cash can provide a significant financial boost.

In addition to getting some extra cash in hand through selling gold near me options, many people also find it helpful to separate their belongings by karat value before attending gold parties or visiting stores.

  • This helps ensure you receive accurate estimates on each item’s worth – maximizing the final payout when converting these precious metals into liquid funds.

Sell Your Gold Locally With Ease

Get expert privacy and guaranteed assurance while exchanging your gold for money with our local gold selling services.

Privacy And Expertise Guaranteed

We understand that privacy and expertise are crucial aspects of selling your gold.

  • With years of experience in the industry, our team is committed to providing you with a confidential and secure platform to sell your precious items.

Our skilled evaluators work diligently to provide accurate assessments for your gold jewellery or coins so that you can receive the best possible offers on the market.

  • Take pride in maintaining transparency throughout every transaction by keeping you informed each step of the way.

Exchange Your Gold For Money

Exchanging your gold for cash has never been easier, thanks to reputable gold buyers who ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

  • For instance, if you have an old gold necklace tucked away in your drawer gathering dust, why not turn it into an opportunity?

Simply visit a trustworthy buyer near you or opt for secure online transactions to get top value from experts in the field.

  • The process involves assessing the purity of your gold item(s), and determining its weight and market value based on current gold prices.

Once these factors are established, a competitive offer is presented which can be negotiated until both parties reach an agreement – all while ensuring utmost security and safety throughout the process.

Buyers Of Gold, Diamonds, Jewellery, Platinum, Gold Coins, Silver

With expert gold buyers ready to evaluate and purchase a range of precious items, you can easily convert your unused or unwanted gold, diamonds, jewellery, platinum, gold coins, and silver into instant cash.

  • These professional buyers understand the value of each item based on its metal content and intrinsic worth.

Not only can you expect competitive market prices for your valuables at reputable establishments but also benefit from their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction through secure transactions.

Assets We Purchase

Assets We Purchase

We purchase a variety of assets including jewellery, gold coins, Krugerrands and medallions, silverware and flatware, fine watches and pocket watches, antique jewellery, diamonds and fine art.

We Buy Your Jewellery

We purchase a wide range of gold and diamond jewellery, including antique jewellery.

  • No matter the style or condition of your pieces, we guarantee fair and competitive prices for every item.

Team of experts is well-equipped to assess the quality and value of your jewellery accurately.

  • We pride ourselves on transparency in our appraisal process, ensuring that you receive a fair price for your items without any hidden fees or charges.

So whether you have broken chains, mismatched earrings, or outdated pieces sitting in your drawers at home, bring them to us for an instant cash offer.

We Buy Your Gold Coins, Krugerrands & Medallions

Gold coins, Krugerrands and medallions are highly sought after by investors looking for a secure and tangible asset.

  • Krugerrands, in particular, are South African gold coins recognized worldwide for their high purity and liquidity.

They buy and sell all types of gold coins including the popular Krugerrands and other fine collectible gold pieces such as medallions.

  • Team of experienced appraisers will assess your coins’ value based on their weight in pure gold content, offering you top dollar for your investment.

We Buy Your Silverware & Flatware

If you have silverware or flatware collecting dust in your cabinet, it might be time to consider selling it for extra cash.

  • Professional appraisers can accurately determine buying values for these items and connect with leading dealers and auctions to ensure you get the best price.

Don’t assume that investing in gold-plated flatware means each piece contains actual gold.

  • However, a boxed set of sterling silver flatware in good condition could potentially sell for up to $16,000.

We Buy Your Fine Watches & Pocket Watches

They offer top-dollar for fine watches and pocket watches. Investing in luxury timepieces can be a smart move, as high-end collectors are always seeking unique and timeless pieces that hold value.

  • Many pocket watches today are scrapped for their gold or silver cases, leaving the movement, dial, and hands to be discarded.

Whether it’s an heirloom passed down through generations or a recent purchase with sentimental value, our expert appraisers will provide an honest assessment of your item’s worth before offering maximum value in exchange for it.

We Buy Your Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery is a sought-after investment because of its history, unique designs and techniques.

  • Many antique pieces have intricate details that are not commonly seen in modern day pieces.

These jewellery items come in various styles ranging from Victorian, Edwardian to Art Deco.

We understand the value of these vintage treasures and provide our customers with expert valuations to ensure they receive the best possible price for their antique or vintage jewels.

  • Team takes pride in exploring extensively the history behind each piece to give our customers an appreciation for the workmanship that goes into every item.

We Buy Your Diamonds

Diamonds are a popular investment option, but they can be difficult to resell compared to gold.

While diamonds may hold sentimental value and boast an impressive hardness ranking of 10 on the Mohs Scale, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the selling process before diving in.

Unlike gold, which can be easily exchanged for cash at reputable buyers in South Africa, diamond prices vary greatly based on factors such as cut, clarity, carat weight and colour.

We Buy Your Fine Art

Investing in fine art can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and potentially see significant returns.

  • Fine art is considered an asset class similar to other collectable assets like rare watches and fine wines.

However, investing in this alternative asset requires specialized knowledge and there is a risk of buying a forgery.

Gold Selling Transaction

Gold Selling Transaction

Our gold selling transaction process includes an initial assessment, valuation, offer and negotiation, payment, and is handled with the utmost security and safety.

Initial Assessment

Before you start the process of selling your precious gold, an initial assessment needs to be carried out.

  • This assessment helps determine the authenticity and quality of your assets.

At reputable gold buying companies, this evaluation is done with state-of-the-art equipment by trained professionals.

  • You can expect a friendly and safe environment as well as expert advice on how best to proceed with your transaction.

With no obligation or cost attached, the initial assessment ensures that you receive a fair price for your gold items without any surprises along the way.


Valuation is a vital step in the gold selling process. It involves assessing the value of your gold based on its weight and purity to determine how much money you can get for it.

  • During valuation, we consider important factors such as market trends and global prices of precious metals to ensure that we offer you a fair price for your gold.

We understand that every customer’s financial needs are different; hence, we work with you to negotiate a price that suits your individual requirements.

Offer And Negotiation

Once your gold has been assessed and valued, the gold buyer will make an offer for it.

  • This will typically be based on the current market price of gold and the purity of your items.

When negotiating with a potential buyer, don’t be afraid to ask questions or haggle over the price offered.

  • Remember that you are under no obligation to accept their initial offer if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Keep in mind that reputable gold buyers will always be transparent about how they arrived at their valuation and offer.

  • They should also provide documentation detailing this information upon request.


Once the gold has been assessed, valued, and an offer made, it’s time for payment.

  • Most reputable gold buyers will provide immediate payment via a secure method of your choice, including bank transfer or cheque.

This means that you can have cash in hand as soon as the transaction is completed and be on your way to use it however you see fit.

  • It’s important to ensure that the buyer you choose operates with transparency and safety throughout each step of the process.

Transaction Handled With Utmost Security And Safety

Selling your gold items can be a daunting process, especially when it comes to ensuring security and safety during the transaction.

Furthermore, they only buy gold that meets strict documentation requirements and is verified under the GLD system.

  • This means you can trust that your gold will be thoroughly assessed before any offer is made, ensuring fair compensation for your valuable assets.

If you prefer an online selling experience, we can also provide a secure platform for selling your gold jewellery online without having to compromise on safety standards.

Gold Selling Services Available In Various South African Areas

Gold buyers offer their services in a variety of South African regions, including Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Bloemfontein, North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

Regions Covered By Gold Buyers

If you’re looking to sell your gold, it’s important to find a trusted buyer who offers fair prices.

  • Luckily, there are plenty of gold buyers operating throughout South Africa, covering a wide range of regions and neighbourhoods.

Here are some of the areas that Gold Buyers serve:

  • Gauteng: This province is home to many major cities and towns, including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Boksburg, Germiston and more. Gold buyers in Gauteng offer services throughout these areas.
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal: Covering Durban, Pietermaritzburg and other locations, gold buyers in Kwa-Zulu Natal make it easy to sell your unwanted jewellery or bullion.
  • Western Cape: From Cape Town to George and beyond, gold buyers in Western Cape provide expert valuations and quick transactions for all kinds of precious metals.
  • Eastern Cape: Port Elizabeth and East London are just two of the key locations served by gold buyers in Eastern Cape.
  • Northern Cape: Kimberley is one of the main cities in this province where gold buyers operate.
  • North West: Rustenburg, Potchefstroom and Brits are just a few of the locations covered by gold buyers in North West.
  • Limpopo: The capital city Polokwane is serviced by various gold buying companies throughout Limpopo as well as Ellisras and Louis Trichardt.
  • Mpumalanga: Nelspruit is one of the key towns in Mpumalanga where you can find reputable gold buyers.

No matter where you’re located in South Africa, there’s sure to be a trustworthy gold buyer nearby ready to help you exchange your unwanted items for cash.

  • With so many regions covered across the country, selling your gold has never been easier!

Specific Neighbourhoods Serviced

Gold buyers in South Africa offer their services in various neighbourhoods, making it easy for customers to sell their gold.

  • Johannesburg: Sandton, Rosebank, Bryanston, Fourways, Randburg, Roodepoort
  • Pretoria: Centurion, Faerie Glen, Pretoria West, Pretoria North, Mamelodi
  • Cape Town: Constantia, Green Point, Table View, Milnerton
  • Durban: Umhlanga, Ballito, Phoenix, Chatsworth

Conclusion: The Gold Selling Expertise You Can Trust

The Gold Selling Expertise You Can Trust

When it comes to selling your gold, trust is key. That’s why you should turn to certified gold buyers with a reputation for expertise and privacy.

You can easily exchange your gold for cash with the peace of mind that your transaction will be handled securely and professionally.

With extensive coverage across various regions, you can quickly find an expert near you who is ready to offer top value on your precious items.


1. What types of gold can be sold?

Any form of gold, including jewellery, coins, bullion and even dental fillings can be sold for their market value based on the purity and weight of the metal.

2. How is the value of my gold determined by a buyer?

The price paid for your gold will depend on its purity as measured in karats or percentage, along with the current market price for precious metals.

  • A reputable dealer should have a transparent pricing structure that you fully understand before selling.

3. Are there any risks to selling my gold?

Selling your gold to unverified buyers or through unsecured channels like online classifieds could put you at risk for fraud or theft.

4. Can I negotiate prices when selling my gold?

Some dealers may negotiate prices based on volume or other factors such as demand for certain items.

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